Health Qigong Master Seminars 2018

Saturday - Sunday - 9am - 4pm
25th - 26th August 2018

This is an absolute rarely opportunity to train with some of the world's respected Qi Gong Masters and Professors from China. The Britsh Health Qigong Association is pleased to host the 3rd European health Qgiong Games, first time ever in the UK. during this event we have invited some of China's leading Qi Gong masters and Professor to come to the UK and share their experience and insights to the inner essence and health benefits of Health Qigong exercises.

The two day training course will cover Yi Jin Jing / Muscle and Tendons changing Classics, Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Fa / Health Presevation 12 methods and Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang / Tai Ji Health Stick exercises. the Professors and masters will explore the unique characteristics of the sets, their health benefits and relationships to Chinese medicine, energy Channels and meridians. 

Teaching of the Yi Jin Jing exercise will be conducted by the Professor Shi Ai Qiao, the leader of the compiling committee, which restructured this thoudand year old exercise. This seminar will run over 2 full days and is designed for the more experience Yi Jin Jing practitioners or Health Qigong instructors.

The Tai Ji Stick and Daoyin 12 Methods will each be a one day course conducted by professors with in-depth knowledge and expirence on the Health Qigong. This is design for enthusiasts of all levels, all ages and all disciplines. 

This seminars are open to all Tai Chi Qi Gong Practitioners, enthusiasts, teachers and students. all levels and disciplines are welcoem. Places for the courses are very limited, booking is therefore Earliy booking is recommended.

Yi Jin Jing - £200.00 (2 Days)

Tai Ji Stick - £100.00 
Daoyin 12 Methods - £100.00
Daoyin 12 method & Tai Ji Stick - £200.00

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Venue: University of Hertfordshire Hatfield
Pone: 07779582940
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