BHQA Membership
How to join and member benefits alt


Members of the association benefit from:

    • Discounts on workshops and seminars organised by the association and our instructor members (not including courses, seminars, or workshops taught by visiting teachers from China or abroad)

    • Discounts on Books, DVDs and CDs (purchased from Tai Chi Link)

    • Free British Health Qigong Association Badge
    • Access to the 'Members Area' pages on our website

Joining The British Health Qigong Association

There are two ways in which you can become a member of the BHQA:

1. Standard Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Health Qigong. Membership currently costs £24 pounds sterling per annum and includes a membership card, a BHQA clothes badge, and discounts for BHQA organised events.

2. Instructor Membership is open to all practitioners of Health Qigong who have successfully completed a BHQA organised Instructor Training Course and qualified as Health Qigong Instructors. The cost of the year's Instructor Membership is included in the fee for the training course. Subsequently, instructor membership renewal costs £40 pounds sterling per annum (unless attending another Instructor Training Course, see 'Special Note' below). Instructor membership includes voting rights, information, referral service, membership card, T-Shirt, and discount from BHQA organised events. There is also the option of having a certificate and/or insurance. It is also important for instructor membership to keep up their CPD in order to provide students/clients with the highest quality and best standard of Health Qigong experience. Instructors are required to be Re-validated biennially. Click here for details of the revalidation requirement.

note: Qualified instructors are required to keep their membership up to date and attend biennial CPD updates on the form/s they are certified on. BHQA reserves the right to suspend the instructor's membership without prior notice if membership and/or CPD requirements have not been maintained.

To apply for new membership, or renew an existing one
please fill in the online BHQA Membership Application Form. You will have the option to pay online by card or PayPal, or make a Bank Transfer, or send a Cheque in the post.

Membership Duration
Please note that in an effort to keep admin work to a manageable level, all memberships run from 1st April to 31st March the following year (Membership can be taken out anytime during the year, but the expiry date is always the following March 31st). A membership renewal reminder email is sent to all members in the month before the new membership year begins.

Enthusiasts can become a member at any time of the year, but please note concessions are not given for any midway membership registration. Fees are kept as low as possible to encourage participation, and the member discounts on seminars at our base, and on the purchase of training accessories can easily surpass the membership fees.

Special Note: Subs Exemption
All BHQA Members attending our BHQA Instructor Course training seminars have their annual subs included in the course fees. Their membership is updated automatically in the April prior to the Instructor Course, and no additional subs payment is required. Please note this exemption does not apply if you are only attending for revalidations.