BHQA Revalidation


As an organisation with a global reputation, it is vital that we ensure our instructors are of a high enough standard to teach a form or forms from our syllabus. We know that even with continuous practice, assessment and feedback on a reasonably regular basis by master trainers is still important for our instructors' continuous professional development.

The majority of our instructors are diligent and do their best to comply with BHQA requirements. It is through feedback from these instructors that we have been able to identify a effective re-validation process, that could help instructors to maintain a high standard and to improve their teaching skills.

We would, therefore, like to clarify the re-validation requirement for instructors, along with the fees that will be charged, and the requirements needed for instructors to maintain their teaching qualification. 

All Instructor are required to revalidate the forms they are qualified to teach every two years, it is in the format of a day seminar on the specific form at the headquarter in Telford or with a qualified assessor of BHQA. Form asssessment will be conducted at the end of the seminar. 

In order to help instructors and allow plenty of time for them to plan their diary, we are offering a grace period of 6 months, from the date the 2 year re-validation is due. So that instructors could partake revalidation seminars, workshops, at our telfor headquarter or with a qualified BHQA assessor to update their practice. Hence renew their certificates.

The fees for the seminar or session with the qualified assessor vary and please discuss direct with the assessor or refer to the seminar information. There will a be certification fees of £35 first form and £10 each form thereafter.

We will try and remind our instructors well in advance so they can plan their diary, however, it is instructors responsibility to keep their revalidation up to date.

Instructors fail to revalidate their certificates when the grace period expires will loose their right to teach the particular form of Health Qigong exercises. If instructors fail to re-validate all of the forms they are qualified on, their BHQA instructor status will be suspended even if they have kept up to date with their annual membership and will also loose their right to teach the Health Qigong system. Instructor status and right to teach Health Qigong system will be re-instated as soon as instructor meeting the requirement on forms re-validation.

We do not want to cause over-burden to our instructors with our requirements , however, we are sure you will understand the reasons for our decisions, and our need to keep a high standard in the association. Our desire is to keep the family spirit we always try to foster in our organisation, while maintaining and improving the standards of both our instructors and members.

Instructors who have any concerns or any special reasons preventing them to revalidate their certificates are welcome to contact us and We are always here to help and listen and together we could discuss and work to find an acceptable solution.