16th Annual Health Qigong Instructor Course 2024 - Fees


  • Training T-shirt (one per person);
  • Instructional DVD; Music CD;
  • Additional Teaching Handouts/Course Materials;
  • Assessment fee;
  • Certification fee;
  • Instructor Polo shirt (upon successful completion);
  • Free Instructor Membership (normally £40pa) until the next renewal date, which is March 2023

Fees and Discounts 

The advantage of part-virtual and part-onsite learning is that you save hundreds of pounds on the costs of traveling and lodgings. The fees below cover up to hours of quality training on Form and the TCM module and if you book early you can take advantage of our early bird offer. We also welcome returning BHQA instructors with a special discount, as well as members of the Deyin Taijiquan Institute and BHQA with a members discount. 

Due to the intensity of the training on each form, only one form can be chosen from each option.

Early Booking (include TCM module) (before 31st Jan 2024)

  • £780.00 one option
  • £1180.00 both options

Early Booking (without TCM module) (before 31st Jan 2024)
Note: Only participants with formal TCM qualifications or those who have attended previous TCM modules could be exempt from taking the TCM module

  • £580.00 one option
  • £980.00 both options

Standard Booking (include TCM module) (After 31st Jan 24)

  • £850.00 one option
  • £1250.00 both options

Standard Booking (without TCM module) (After 31st Jan 24)
Note: Only participants with formal TCM qualifications or those who have attended previous TCM module could be exempt from taking the TCM module

  • £650.00 one option
  • £1050.00 both options

TCM module - as Stand Alone 
Fees - £250.00

Our TCM module is a compulsory and integral part of the 2022 Instructor Course and is only available as a stand-alone module for enthusiasts not taking part in any of the HQ form training. However, due to limited places to ensure high quality and standard, our current instructors and members will take priority in registration.  No Instructor certificate will be given to participants of the TCM stand-alone module, but an attendance certificate will be issued.

Instructors or Participants who have taken the TCM module previously or are qualified as TCM practitioners will be exempt from taking the TCM principles module.

Instructor Health Qigong Forms Revisit or Revalidation: (Instructor discount is not applicable)
Instructors who wish to sign up to revisit Health Qigong forms previously qualified are entitled to a massive discount on the course fee (which includes revalidation fees of £65) as follows; 

One form CPD & Revalidation (18th or 20th July) - £95.00
Two forms CPD & Revalidation (18th and 20th July) - £180.00

One form revisited (not including TCM) - £320.00
Two forms revisited (not including TCM module) - £495.00

Note: Instructor Re-visit / Re-validation Dates rules:

  • Instructor Re-visit covers all weekend sessions scheduled for the forms you have signed up to, it will automatically cover and update revalidation if it is due or overdue.
  • Instructor CPD and re-validations are held on 13th and/or 15th July only based on the form/s you have chosen in the options.


Duan Grading Fees:

Duan 1 - £40.00
Duan 2 - £50.00
Duan 3 - £60.00

Bank Transfer Details (for payment via bank transfer) - our booking and payment are managed by "Deyin Event Management Ltd"

Bank: TSB
Name: Deyin Event Management Ltd
Sort Code: 772710
Acc. No: 00062005
IBAN: GB84TSBS77271000062005

In order to qualify for the early booking fees or discounts; a deposit of £300.00 is required at the time of booking to secure your place on the course (include £80 non-refundable booking fee), the balance is to be paid before 28th February 2022. Additional Discount (applicable to any booking band) is as follows


  • 5% off for BHQA and Deyin Members;
  • or 10% off for returning qualified BHQA instructors - (please note that only instructors with up-to-date membership are eligible for this discount)
  • Discount Code (if available) - not to be used in conjunction with above instructor or member discounts.

Cancellation & Refund:
Cancellation made by the participants must be in writing by emails or letters, and refund is based on the following system:

  • £80 booking fee (non-refundable)
  • Deposit (minus booking fee) can be refunded before 31st Jan 2023 and non-refundable after.
  • 6 weeks prior to course - 75% of remaining fees
  • 4 weeks prior to course - 50% of remaining fees
  • 2 weeks prior to course - total fees are non-refundable