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Health Qigong® Ba Duan Jin
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Announcement regarding the UK "Health Qigong®" trademark

We have received formal notification from the IPO that proceedings with regards to the challenge relating to our Health Qigong® UK trademark have now been withdrawn.

The BHQA has always maintained Health Qigong is a unique system.

Prior to the onset of the proceedings the BHQA made clear that there are NO CONFLICTS for our Qigong / Chi Kung friends of other styles to use terms like "Qigong", "Qi Gong", "Qigong for Health", "Qigong Health", "Health Promotion Qigong", Health Preservation Qigong" "Chi Kung for Health" and ANY OTHER creative terms to describe their fantastic styles of Qigong.

We would like to thank our members and all those who have supported us during this time.

We will continue in our practice, promotion, and enjoyment of the unique system of Health Qigong®

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