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Website Under Re-Development
Following an 'upgrade' by our hosts 'Heart Internet' to the server in January, numerous pages created under an old proprietry system ceased functioning. The process of creating new pages using the in-house system is now well under way.
The new online event bookings system has been successfully taking online bookings for 4 months, but there may still be one or two undetected glitches. Do let us know if you have problems.
Currently, the page structures and menu systems are being given a complete overhaul to make our website more compatible with hand held devices like mobile phones. Unfortunately each of the pages on our website has to be modified individually, so for a while there will be a mix of old and new displays from page to page. Hopefully not for too long.
Although most of the content has now been restored (and improved), a small number of links on the site are still not functioning. If you have any urgent problems or enquiries, please feel free to contact us using or We will do our best to help.
Our Thanks for your patience.
Faye, Tary & the BHQA Team
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